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Comms, Green-Go, BPX, Digital Beltpack to rent

Comms, Green-Go, BPX, Digital Beltpack
The Green-GO Beltpack X features a high-resolution full colour OLED display which shows information about channels, cue signals and the different functions that are operated by the four buttons on the front of the Beltpack. These buttons can be configured to provide instant access to up to four channels. Two rotary encoders are located on either side of the Beltpack X, making it suitable for both left- and right-handed users. By pushing the encoders, the Beltpack X can answer the most recent audio source. The encoders can also be programmed to control various other functions, e.g. one encoder can be set up for level control while the other encoder controls channel selection. All matrix data is held within the device.
The Beltpack X is powered through a Power over Ethernet connector located on the back. Also located on the back is a 4-pin XLR headset connector.
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