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Elumen8 | Titan Zoom Wash T1 | Moving Head Wash | IP65 to rent

Elumen8 | Titan Zoom Wash T1 | Moving Head Wash | IP65
Further expanding the Titan range, the Zoom Wash T1 is an IP65 rated fixture with a lightweight, compact, durable housing specifically designed for wet, dusty, and sandy conditions. Designed for both rental and installation applications, the fixture is equipped with 7 x 40W RGBL LEDs along with super-fast and quiet motors for precision movements. When used at its narrowest 3.5 degree beam angle, sharp mid-air effects can be created whilst at its widest 45 degrees wide washes can bathe venues and stages in rich colours. The addition of lime in the LEDs produces a high CRI of 85Ra, and the central LED can be controlled separately to the outer LEDs, whilst an the RGB halo produces a range of eye-candy effects. The Titan Zoom Wash T1 has an adjustable refresh rate perfect for TV and film, it also features 3 selectable fan speeds including a studio mode with a 32.7dB noise level for noise sensitive applications. A range of preset colour macros, ring programs along with colour temperature presets further bolsters this fixtures offering.
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