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Equinox Twin Shot Mk2 Confetti Canon to rent

Equinox Twin Shot Mk2 Confetti Canon
Twin Shot accepts most brands of electric confetti and streamer cartridges. Users can choose whether to launch cartridges independently or simultaneously using the supplied wireless remote control, on-board 4 button LCD menu system or DMX. Both launch pods projection angles can be independently adjusted by 180° and rotated 90°. Mounting holes are also included on the base of the unit for multiple hanging applications.

- For use with 50cm and 80cm electric cannons
- Allows 2 electric confetti/streamer cannons to be fired separately or simultaneously
- DMX channels: 3
- Manual (via wireless remote) and DMX modes
- M10 rigging points for truss mounting
- 4 push button menu with LCD display
- PowerCON input/output
- 3-Pin XLR input/output
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