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FFA10000 2ch amp to rent

FFA10000 2ch amp
FFA dual power dual mono professional audio amplifiers
Ideally suited for driving very high output bass and sub bass loud speakers or high power full range systems. Designed to drive sustained, very high output audio into 2 Ohm loads.

Featuring FFA proprietry Class D PWM amplifiers. These are partnered with FFA high current switch mode PSU technology. Massive bulk storage capacitance per channel ensures continuous high power deliver to the load. The FFA-10000 is dual mono - each channel is totally independent. FFA dual mono power amplifiers are mains supply power efficient and operate cool even in the most demanding environments. Mechanical construction is tour grade with aluminium used throughout the chassis design. This provides a robust and rigid but lightweight housing for the electronic systems.
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Hire price from : €55,00
Located in - 8380 Zeebrugge, Wingene