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KV2 EX6 Active Speaker to rent

KV2 EX6 Active Speaker
The Ultimate Compact Active System
The EX6 is a very high quality compact speaker system producing a 2-
way full range solution, which defies its size. With amazing clarity for
speech and musical reproduction, the EX 6 is perfect for discreet
installations or audio visual presentations where sound quality is
paramount but size also matters. The EX 6 features state of the art
components including NVPD compression driver, 60 woofer and
complete on-board control with electronic crossovers, phase alignment,
equalization and speaker protection integrated into the EX6s amplifier
Professional, Baltic birch construction with wear resistant polymer
coating. - 117dB sustained output, 120dB peak with very high dynamic
range and low noise floor. - 200W of total power with complete onboard
speaker management system. - 180W high efficiency, current
enhancing, switching low frequency amplifier. - Very high quality 20W,
low IM distortion, Class AB, high frequency amplifier with transformer
balanced output. - Compact, asymmetrical, trapezoidal cabinet design
allows for use in stage monitor or under balcony applications with high
pass filter to adjust equalization and phase response. - Wide dispersion
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Located in - Bristol, Chippenham