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LEDJ Rapid QB1 HEX IP (Black Housing) to rent

LEDJ Rapid QB1 HEX IP (Black Housing)
Rapid QB1 RGBA IP is a portable battery powered uplighter outputting ultra-smooth colours from rich saturated hues to subtle pastel shades. The temporary outdoor rated compact and robust housing repels water, snow and dirt for all-weather applications and is easily concealable. The internal lithium battery has autonomy of up to 18 hours in single colour mode and up to 8 hours of colour fading and chases, while the charging time is only 5 hours. The fixture is IP54 rated (IP65 from the top), has a powerCON TRUE1 input and features an extractable foot that allows users to adjust the tilt angle. The on-board wireless transceiver and W-DMX compatibility make for a truly cable free operation.
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