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PS28 Dragon Plus 2.2kW Professional High Output Smoke machine to rent

PS28 Dragon Plus 2.2kW Professional High Output Smoke machine
The DRAGON is our highest quality smoke generator and is well suited to applications where continuous, high smoke output is required with low fluid consumption. There is no compromise in the quality of components in this unit. It generates the most persistent water-based smoke of any smoke machine available.
Run dry protected fluid pump, Digital timed control, and DMX control.
Size (L x W x H) 55cm x 23cm x 29cm , Weight - 13.5kg (30lbs)
Heat exchanger wattage - 2,200W, Power Supply - 230v, 50hz, Warm up time from cold - 5 mins
Duration of full 2 litre (½ gallon) fluid tank at 100% output - 40 mins
(50ml per minute) Smoke output - 0 - 720m3 / min. (25,500 cu. ft.) Particle size (mass median diameter) - 0.2 - 0.3 micron
Three types of fluid available for use in the Dragon:
Type A 1.5 hours +
Type B 1-3 minutes
Type C 25 minutes
Particle size (consistently 0.2 micron) using fluid A is the smallest of any fog machine in the world. This means low fluid consumption, long hang time (fluid A) for thick fog and no discernible residue.
The DRAGON is in daily use in fire training centres, universities, building sites, theme parks, power stations, navy ships, art installations, wind tunnels and spray booths all over the world.
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Located in - Devon