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Pioneer CDJ3000 to rent

Pioneer CDJ3000
Pioneer DJ unleashes the CDJ-3000, the powerful, innovative and high functioning flagship multi-player. It boasts an all-new Micro-Processing Unit (MPU) which features ultra-quality components and an unprecedented number of functions that allow for ultimate creativity.
Pioneers Most Advanced Multiplayer
The CDJ3000s have been designed to withstand anything that is thrown at them creativity wise. It is the first CDJ to incorporate an MPU. It works by driving the unit so that it provides stable performance, along with enabling the advanced features to work seamlessly with other sections of the player to give a delightfully smooth DJ experience. An example of this would be noticing how fast tracks and Hot Cues load.
Advanced Audio Playback
Audio playback within the multi player is top-notch, thanks to the brand-new audio design where clarity and rich-detail are essential. Pioneer has poured 25 years’ worth of experience into creating equipment that produces exceptional sound quality and reproduction. The CDJ-3000 has a processing speed of 96 kHz/32-bit, and all audio playback formats are supported. Sound reproduction is extremely clear and precise, and with the aid of advanced audio processing technology, a more realistic representation of spatial and musical bass sound is produced compared to any other multiplayer, within the Pioneer DJ range, has ever made.
New and Improved Touchscreen Display
Pioneer CDJ-3000 features a 9-inch sharp, high resolution, touch screen display that is 150% brighter than its predecessor, making it more adjustable friendly to the user in differing environments. The intuitive user interface is familiar, yet it features some new additions, including shortcuts to making moving between sections within the music collection more manageable. The new functions include Stacked Waveform, 3Band Waveform, Touch Cue and Touch Preview, which aids in selecting a track quickly. Improvements have been made to the circuit in the DAC (Digital-to-analogue converter) along with critical testing aspects of the digital audio to achieve optimum sound quality. As a result, a reduction in digital noise has been achieved, to allow for natural sound to be created, at high volume, for long periods.
Enhanced Top Plate Layout
The enhanced layout “lets you play the CDJ 3000 like it’s a musical instrument” Pioneer DJ say. The design includes eight Hot Cue buttons, intuitively situated under the waveform display, Dedicated Beat Jump buttons, Key Sync and a new 8-Beat Loop button, in addition to the 4-Beat control. The top plate is made using high-quality aluminium, and the play, cue and Hot Cue buttons have been redesigned, making them more robust than ever. The unit comes with a quality digital cable and a lockable V-Lock power cable that ensures there are no accidental interruptions.
Redesigned Jog Wheel
The new and improved jog wheel has a redesigned mechanism and claimed to be the sleekest on any multi-player made by Pioneer DJ. As a result, the user can scratch with minimal effort and can smoothly bend the pitch of tracks. The latency is the best it has ever been, and the handy LCD screen display in the centre of the jog wheel is excellent for a glance of vital track information.
Flexible Performance Options
There are flexible performance options, in that rekordbox analysed tracks can be played from USB drives using Export Mode. Alternatively, Link Export or Performance Mode can be used when connecting a laptop with USB-HID control. The player is a rekordbox Hardware Unlock device, so in order to use performance mode update to the most recent version of the software. This allows tracks to be played directly from the rekordbox library, including any from streaming services (SoundCloud Go+, Beatport or Beatsource LINK). Audio files can be played and shared from USB devices and SD cards thanks to the Pro DJ Link with Gigabit Ethernet. It is also worth mentioning that an iPhone can be connected via a USB cable and used to mix music directly from rekordbox, iOS version, where it supports several file types including MP3 AAC, WAV, FLAC, ALAC and AIFF.
The Ever-Evolving CDJ
The CDJ has significantly evolved since Pioneer first graced the world in 1994 with the CDJ-500, and despite the CDJ 3000 being extremely different, the core values remain the same. That is to provide the user with an intuitive, good feeling interface that delivers the power to modify the music in any way that can be thought of, or ever even imagined.
Music development is ever-evolving, and this has been shown through the players over the years. It started with a flat-top CD DJ Player (CDJ-500 world first), moved to enhanced performance techniques (CDJ-1000), the introduction of rekordbox and Pro DJ Link (CDJ-2000), followed by Wave Displays, Beat Sync, digital music files, and last but not least the industry-leading CDJ-2000NXS2, a firm favourite amongst clubs, festivals and DJs worldwide. Now with the introduction of the CDJ-3000, it firmly represents Pioneer DJ continuing to be a revolutionary brand within the industry.
Industry's First DJ Player with Wireless Source Capability
The CDJ-2000nexus can utilize different music sources, from a hard drive to USB thumb drive and/or SD memory card--and now for the first time, you can use an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android device, or a computer as a source via Wi-Fi. Using Pioneer's rekordbox App to create playlists, cue/loop points, beat location settings, waveform analysis and more, you can temporarily transfer the content wirelessly through Wi-Fi to the CDJ-2000nexus. You can also perform the same wireless function with a Mac/PC utilizing the rekordbox music management software.
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