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Redite Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company who specialise in Data Security, Physical Security & Software Integration in the Asia/Pacific Region. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia we are a division of Webhouse Group which has offices in Australia, United States, India, New Zealand & South Africa. Redite partners with innovative and customer centric businesses to bring the world’s best Data Security, Physical Security and Thermal Imagery Solutions to the Asia/Pacific corporate market. Our software solutions improve business processes and ensure that corporate strategy is smarter and easily accessible by key stakeholders across the entire organisation. With historical ties of delivering scale to market segments globally, Redite is the driver of growth for our distribution channels in the Asia/Pacific region.

SGMini Single Camera + InGround Pole for hire

SGMini Single Camera + InGround Pole
SG Mini - Surveillance Work Tower Head - Single Camera
1 x High Definition Fixed Camera
High Performance Solar & Battery Package (L Version)
24/7 Live View from smartphone (Single User Access)
High Visual Deterrent
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Hire price from : $50.00
Located in - , Blackshaws Road