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Soft Light, Arri SkyPanel S60-C to rent

Soft Light, Arri SkyPanel S60-C
All SkyPanel "C" (Colour) versions are tuneable, easily adjust the CCT from 2800K > 10000K with minusgreen control and access the full colour gamut with Hue and Saturation, RGBW Mixing, Digital GEls, Source Matching or CIE x,y coordinates. Achieving over 85% of the colours within the Rec 2020 colour space.
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Located in - Reading, Peterborough, Woodley, Sands Industrial Estate, London, Headley Park Ten, Headley Road East, Headley Park Ten, Headley Park Ten, Glasgow, Gloucestershire, Oaklands Drive, Headley Road East, Coventry, Berkshire, Woodley, Headley Park Ten, Berkshire