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Spirit FOLIO F1 16/2 Analogue 16 Channel Mixer to rent

Spirit FOLIO F1 16/2 Analogue 16 Channel Mixer
An excellent desk that is equally at home at the heart of a beginner's setup or as a sub‑mixing facility in a more complex audio arrangement. It would also be the ideal companion in a church hall or amateur dramatics venue, where cost and ease of use are paramount. Mic Input Impedance 1.8k Ω
Line Input Impedance 10k Ω
Stereo Input Impedance (unbalanced phono) 12kΩ
Stereo Input Impedance (balanced jack) 10k Ω
Aux Sends & Inserts 75Ω
Mic Input max. level +22dBu
Line Input max. level greater than 30dBu
Stereo Input max. level greater than 30dBu
Headphones (into 200Ω) 150mW
Frequency Response (any input to any output, 20Hz to 30kHz) less than 1dB
THD at 1kHz (+20dB at all outputs) less than 0.006%
Mic EIN (max gain, 20Hz to 20kHz bandwidth,150 Ω source impedance) ‑129dBu
Channel noise (auxs, mix and masters at max, 10 inputs routed, faders/pots down) better than 85dBu
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Hire price from : £25.00
Located in - Devon