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Telrad Followspot Sight to rent

Telrad Followspot Sight
The TELRAD followspot sight projects a lighted 3 circle sight onto a clear viewfinder window for accurate aiming of the followspot. Alignment through two back mounted screws affords adjustment for any throw length.

Hit your mark every cue! The Telrad reflex sight uses a red LED lamp to project a target onto a clear viewing display window,

When the spotlight operator views the stage through this targeting display window, Telrad Reticle the target can be sighted precisely before opening the dowser to turn the light on, resulting in perfect pickups.

The Telrad sight comes with a quick release base that can be attached to your followspot.

The sight uses two “AA” batteries (sold separately) and has an on/off rotary switch which also can vary the brightness of the display.
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Located in - Watford