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Blackbeam Cinematic produce inspirational public experiences using cutting edge immersive technologies for projects of all sizes. We are immersive, artistic, visual, sonic, technical, progressive.

Twinkly Multicolor String Lights 400 LEDs 32M long to rent

Twinkly Multicolor String Lights 400 LEDs 32M long
What makes Twinkly one-of-a-kind? The Twinkly App uses your phone’s camera to scan your lights, map the position of each LED, and turn them into a virtual display.
Light and color take the stage with smart LED lights Twinkly Strings. Make amazing effects using the wireless Twinkly phone app to synchronise all of the LEDs and make immersive light patterns turning any object into a WOW! Suitable for outdoor use, create just the right vibe for any event with Twinkly Strings.
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Hire price from : £15.00
Located in - Devon