Excavators and Diggers to hire or rent

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HireHop can give you everything from, from a mini digger hire or micro digger hire, to a large 14 tonne digger hire, 22 tonne digger hire or 45 tonne digger hire. Diggers, also known as Excavators come in various types, such as mini excavators, compact excavators, micro excavators, long reach diggers, wheeled diggers or even diggers on standard caterpillar tracks. The most cost effective way to excavate, dig trenches or move garden soil is with a digger. For small jobs like in the garden or grounds maintenance, hiring a mini digger is a cost effective way of doing excavation, with many mini and micro diggers capable of being narrow enough to fit down a garden path. Some mini and micro diggers come with detachable ROPS frames or a folding frame to fit under doorways, others have narrow and expanding tracks to fit through a narrow garden gate. For larger construction jobs on construction sites, mines or civil engineering, larger diggers and excavators can be used. Diggers can take various attachments such as different bucket sizes to hold small or large loads, a boom mounted hydraulic auger drive for drilling large holes, grapples, orange peel grabs, slings or even a lifting attachments so it can be used as a fork lift for loading. Please note, the smaller the digger, the more manoeuvrable it is, however its lifting capacity will be limited by its size. IMPORTANT You should measure the width of any access like a pathway, corridor, etc. and establish the maximum loading capacity and lifting weight that you will need before you hire anything. Remember that the smaller the digger the cheaper it will be to hire as well as transport to and from site, so compare sizes and prices before you decide.