Sound to hire or rent

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Professional sound equipment, also known as PA (public address) systems can be used for live events such as bands, concerts, festivals, conferences or even smaller events such as a fete, wedding or barmitzvah. Sound systems can be used to amplify a large performance and can also be used for announcements or ambient background music using a microphone, mixer and speakers for a restaurant, school, church, hall, pub, hotel, function room, event space or even a club. Sound systems can vary in size, from large rigs with speaker stacks or line arrays, to a small portable system. There are also different quality systems available, the better quality is more expensive to hire, however it would give a clearer and far more superior sound (and possibly louder) than a cheaper one. Some companies can provide sound systems with professional sound engineers who would setup and control the system by mixing the live performance or band using a digital mixer or analogue mixer with additional outboard control. Please note, that when using radio microphones or in-ear monitors (IEM's), a licence to use them might be necessary.