Speakers to hire or rent

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Sound equipment needs speakers, also known as loudspeakers, to produce the sound created. Speakers can be used to produce sound for events, conferences, schools, churches, parties, pubs, concerts, production sets and festivals. Speakers vary in price and quality as well as power (volume they produce) and size. High quality professional speakers, like d&b, Nexo, L’Acoustics, Meyer, JBL, Bose and Martin Audio will be more expensive to hire and rent, however, they would produce a far better quality sound than a cheaper make. Many modern speakers need dedicated amplifiers or processors unless they are powered speakers that have the amplifier built into the speaker. Some speakers that are primarily used for small PA’s can also have a built in mixer as well as a built in amplifier, making them self-sufficient. IMPORTANT Before you use or hire speakers, make sure they will not be creating a disturbance to people, as various authorities might force you to shut them down or even confiscate them. For outdoor use, a permit might be required depending where you use them.