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Sound equipment hire and audio engineering

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A.V. Cables

Hire Ethernet CAT6 cable 20m.

Hire price from : £2.00
Hire HDMI- VGA adapter.

Hire price from : £2.00


Hire QSC GX3.

300w per channel at 8 ohms

Hire price from : £20.00
Hire QSC GX5.

500W per channel at 8 ohms

Hire price from : £25.00

LED Lighting

Hire LED Par 64 10mm.

Fitted with 13A plugs and single yolk

Hire price from : £5.00

Lighting Accessories

Hire Enttec USB DMX Pro DMX Interface.

Hire price from : £5.00


Hire Accusound Violin mic.

The flexible neck microphone system for violin, using an omni directional capsule, fits to the instrument tail-piece using a padded cradle mount. The microphone clips into this mount allowing the user to adjust the microphone position. The flexible neck may be bent to permit exact positioning of the microphone to achieve exactly the sound you want. The microphone may be unclipped easily between songs and the whole system may be removed in a few seconds leaving no evidence and causing no damage.

Hire price from : £10.00
Hire AKG C747 Gooseneck microphone.

The AKG C747 is a shotgun condenser microphone ideal for recording guitar, piano or drums (they work great as a matched pair for overheads). It has a flat frequency response with a very clean off-axis response and features a hyper cardioid polar pattern which combined with it's compact size and inconspicuous appearance also makes it a great choice for a speech or lectern microphone.

Hire price from : £15.00
Hire Audio Technica Pro 45.

Hanging mic (stand clip available)

Hire price from : £5.00
Hire Beyer Dynamic MCE530.

Pencil condensor

Hire price from : £5.00
Hire K&M 237 table clamp.

Clamping range up to 45mm, 3/8th thread connector. Steel construction ideal for gooseneck microphones

Hire price from : £1.00
Hire K&M 238 Microphone Support Rail.

3/8 " Thumbscrew for holding a microphone Clamped to the pipe diameter of 30 mm

Hire price from : £1.50
Hire Klark Teknik LBB100 Active mono DI.

LBB100 provides high quality transformer isolation, attenuation and impedence matching of audio for the live environment

Hire price from : £6.00
Hire Lucan System CC200.

Flexible gooseneck 120 mm for easy alignment on the instrument Polar pattern: Cardioid Frequency range: 30 - 20.000 Hz Sensitivity: -38 dB +/- 2 dB Max. SPL: 130 dB Signal-to-noise ratio: 71 dB Impedance 100 Ohm Distortion factor: < 1%

Hire price from : £6.00
Hire Radial Pro D1 DI box.

Mono passive DI

Hire price from : £5.00
Hire Radial Pro D2 DI box.

Passive Stereo DI box

Hire price from : £5.00
Hire Sennheiser A 1031 - U Passive antenna kit.

2 x Sennheiser passive antennas for wireless kit. Supplied with stereo bar to allow both to be mounted on a single mic stand K&M Mic stand 2 x 5m 50 ohm BNC cables

Hire price from : £10.00
Hire Sennheiser e845.

Dynamic vocal mic

Hire price from : £4.00
Hire Sennheiser e845S.

Sennheiser e845 with switch

Hire price from : £4.00
Hire Sennheiser e901 condensor boundary mic.

Condenser boundary plate microphone. Half-cardioid for a precise, fast, and realistic sound from a kick drum. Also for conference tables, podiums, altars, stages, pianos, and percussion.

Hire price from : £7.00
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