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We are lovely people who do jaw-dropping event technology and production for amazing clients. We create live events for some of the world’s best brands. Our services include event technology, production, logistics and technical hire – but we can tackle any challenge you give us.  We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Microsoft, Visa, Vodafone, HP, Ericsson, Red Bull, British Airways and companies within both the UK and international automotive industry.

Hire Stock Inventory

A.V. Accessories

Hire Peerless Smart Mount Screen Stand SR560M-AW (WHEELED).

Peerless Smart Mount Screen Stand SR560M-AW

Hire price 0
Hire Peerless Smart Mount Tempered Glass Shelf.

Peerless Smart Mount Tempered Glass Shelf

Hire price 0
Hire Peerless SmartMount Universal Kiosk Stand SS575K (SHORT).

Peerless SmartMount Universal Kiosk Stand SS575K

Hire price 0
Hire Sennheiser Directional Antenna Paddle.

A.V. Mixers & Switchers

Hire Yamaha QL1 Sound Console.


Hire D&B Audiotechnik D20 Amplifier.

Architectural Lighting

Hire INNLED techno-par (kit of 6).

LED Lighting

Hire Astera AX1 8 Unit Pixel Tube Kit.
Hire SmartBatPlus Uplighter - Chrome.

SmartBatPlus Uplighter - Chrome

Hire price 0

Lighting Control

Hire Luminex Luminode12.

Hire price from : £80.00


Hire DiGiCo SD12.

Hire price 0

Other Communications

Hire GreenGo 2/4 Wire InterfaceX Partyline.
Hire GreenGo Comms Rackmount 6-way Battery Charger.
Hire GreenGo Coms Wireless Active Antenna.
Hire GreenGo Radio Interface.

Hire price from : £45.00
Hire GreenGo Wired Comms Pack.

Hire price from : £45.00
Hire GreenGo Wireless Comms Beltpack.
Hire TECPRO Comms Headset.

Hire price from : £10.00

Other IT Equipment

Hire Motorola Battery.

Hire price 0
Hire Motorola Radio DP4801E.

Digital Two-Way Radio

Hire price 0
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