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Hire Stock Inventory

A.V. Accessories

Hire Birddog P200 PTZ Camera.

Hire price from : £120.00
Hire Birddog Studio HDMI/SDi to NDI Encoder/Decoder.
Hire Decimator Cross MD-HX.

Hire price from : £15.00
Hire E Image Tripod.

Hire price 0
Hire Stream Deck.

Hire price 0
Hire Stream Deck XL.

Hire price 0

A.V. Cables

Hire 50m 3G SDI.

Hire price 0
Hire 5m 3G SDI.

Hire price 0

A.V. Mixers & Switchers

Hire ATEM Mini Pro.

Hire price from : £25.00


Hire Thunderbolt - Gigabit Network RJ45 Socket.
Hire Thunderbolt - HDMI Female.


Hire AKG C391B (SE300B + CK91 CAPSULE) Mic.
Hire AKG C451B Mic.

Hire price 0
Hire BSS AR133 DI.

Hire price 0
Hire DPA 4099.

Hire price from : £7.00
Hire DPA 4099.

Hire price 0
Hire DPA 4099 Rock Kit.

Hire price 0
Hire DPA 6066 - Beige - Microdot.

Hire price from : £30.00
Hire JTS CM-502 Hanging Mic.

The JTS CM-502 choir microphone offers wide dynamic range and frequency response for accurate amplification of your choral production! High sensitivity and the super cardiod polar pattern allow effective, accurate pickup of the source you are aiming for! The CM-502's self-contained electronics eliminate the need for external power modules, while the flexible hanger can be adjusted to point the mic right where you want to! In addition the mounting plate allows this microphone to be fixed to the ceiling or on a wall. Choir microphones are generally hung up high and no one wants to have to drag the ladders, lifts, or scaffold out once the microphones are placed. No problem, the CM-502 offers easy installation and a long service life, making it great for any overhead type choral installation. The CM-502 comes at a low price, but don't let that fool you, this microphone is a great performer at any price!

Hire price 0
Hire Proel HCM23SE Headset Mic.

Flexible miniature microphone with a simple, fast and comfortable headset system Ideal for use in theatre and speech applications Small size and the light weight provides a comfortable and secure fit when a minimum visibility microphone is required Type Back Electret Condenser Polar Pattern Omni-Directional Frequency Response 20Hz- 20KHz Sensitivity -45dB± 3dB Output Impedance 1500Ω± 30% Power Supply 1.5V-10V Cable 0 1.5*1.2M Dimension 0 5mm Color Skin Accessories Windscreen Connector 3.5mm plug

Hire price from : £5.00
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