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Hire Brooke B-MAX 1680 Amplifier.

Hire price from : £10.00

Architectural Lighting

Hire 50m Festoon Lighting.

Hire price from : £80.00
Hire Fairy Lights.

Hire price from : £10.00


Hire Anytronics Series 194 6 Channel Dimmer Pack.

Generic Lighting

Hire ETC Source 4.

Hire price from : £23.00
Hire Par64 Standard/Long.

Hire price from : £15.00
Hire Showtec Sunstrip Active DMX.

Hire price from : £15.00

Graphics Generators

Hire Laserworld EL-230 RGB.

Hire price from : £40.00

Hand Held Radio

Hire Hytera BD505 Radio.

Hire price from : £5.00
Hire Motorola DP4400e Digital Two Way Radio.

LCD/Plasma Screens & Accessories

Hire 50" Hisense TV 4K.

Hire price from : £70.00
Hire 55" Hisense TV 4K.

Hire price from : £75.00

LED Lighting

Hire 40w LED RGBW Floodlight.

Hire price from : £14.00
Hire Chauvet COLORband PiX-M.

Hire price from : £20.00
Hire Chauvet EZRail RGBA Battery Uplighter.

Hire price from : £10.00
Hire LED Floodlight 100W.

Hire price from : £19.00
Hire ShowTec Powerspot 9 Q6.

This Showtec Power 9 Q6 Tour is equipped with the latest six-in-one LED technology. It lets this RGBW-LED produce all possible colours and blast them out over dozens of metres. It can do so between temperatures of -10 to 40 degrees Celsius. This Power 9 Q6 is equipped with nine 6-in-1 12W LED lamps.

Hire price from : £15.00

Lighting Cables

Hire 15 Amp to 16 Amp Socket.
Hire 5pin to 3pin DMX Adaptor.

Lighting Control

Hire ETC EOS Nomad.

Hire price from : £100.00
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