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Located in - 5032 ML Tilburg, SN5 5WN Swindon, 14052 Berlin, 95934 Roissy Ch. De Gaulle Cedex, 30038 Lithonia, RJ CEP 23020-230, Tokyo, Depot, Depot, 5F69+GC Al Wakrah, Coordinates of festival site:
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Safe drinking water from the tap at the right pressure. Problem-free and environmentally-friendly disposal of waste water. MTD takes care of water all over the world. For more than 30 years MTD has provided experienced and passionate employees, high quality equipment and the latest technology so that your project -anywhere in the world – can have optimal supply and treatment of water. We provide temporary water infrastructures for both drinking water and waste water. Our market specialists have the right knowledge of the sectors: Events, Exhibitions and Industry. In collaboration with other organisations and suppliers our market specialists would be happy to work on your project. Safe drinking water is essential and therefore no risks can be taken.

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