Michael Birkett Event Technologies

Located in - Ormond VIC 3204

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Hire Stock Inventory

Generic Lighting

Hire Birdie - 12V.

Hire price from : $3.70
Hire Strand Pattern 23 Mark II.

Hire price from : $6.70

LED Lighting

Hire AVE Quad-Flat RGBW.

A simple, lightweight and low power RGBW LED wash fixture. Good for some architectural accenting or just a bit of extra dance-floor light.

Hire price from : $5.00

Lighting Control

Hire Jands StageCL.

Designed specifically for LED fixtures but just as suitable for conventional lights, the Stage CL gives you full control of your LEDs and is incredibly easy to use.

Hire price from : $38.30
Hire LSC Atom 12/24.

The LSC Atom 12/24 is a small, 2 preset DMX console with scene memory, suitable for simple shows with largely conventional rigs.

Hire price from : $15.00


Hire Audio-Technica AT2031.

Hire price from : $10.30
Hire Audio-Technica ATM650.

Hire price from : $11.80
Hire Sennheiser e602 MkII.

Hire price from : $13.70
Hire Sennheiser e604.

Hire price from : $13.70
Hire Sennheiser e935.

Hire price from : $10.00
Hire Shure SM57.

Hire price from : $13.00


Hire Behringer X-Air XR18.

Hire price from : $70.00
Hire Roland M300.

Hire price 0

Moving / Inteligent Lights

Hire ACME Dynamo PartyScan.

Hire price from : $9.00
Hire Hong Yi 1915 Aura Wash.

Modelled after the famous Martin MAC Aura, a small and lightweight beam/wash fixture, featuring fast pan/tilt, decent zoom range, and a backlit lens for fun eye-candy effects.

Hire price from : $22.00
Hire Martin MAC250.

This exciting profile spot moving head is a unique combination of intelligence and beauty and has been designed as a compact version of the highly successful MAC 500.

Hire price from : $27.70
Hire Martin MAC250 Entour.

The MAC 250 Entour is a brilliant, feature rich profile with two gobo wheels, a color wheel, dimmer, shutter, prism and focus. Superior optics and an extremely user friendly construction make it ideal for the rigors of today's rental market.

Hire price from : $32.30
Hire Martin MAC250+.

Designed as a compact version from the highly successful MAC family, the MAC 250+ has proven to be a perfect moving head effect for the club, professional touring and production studio markets.

Hire price from : $27.70
Hire Robe ColorSpot 575AT.

Hire price from : $39.30
Hire U'King 60W LED Mini Spot.

Hire price from : $7.30
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