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Hire Seat Leon.

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Hire Bomag BW55E Pedestrian Roller.

Excavators and Diggers

Hire A-Z fabs 7ft  bucket.

7ft bucket attachment to suite JCB Teletruck, not to be used for digging but to enable the Teletruck to be used as an electric dump truck.

Hire price from : £5.00
Hire Bucket Lloyd Rotastar SB RS8-14 screening.
Hire Bucket WA GP 600mm, 30x196mm pins,.
Hire JCB 110W Hydradig.

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Hire JCB 19C-1E.

Hire price from : £230.00
Hire JCB JS131X.

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Hire JCB JS150X.

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Hire Kubota KX018-4.

Hire price from : £95.00
Hire Kubota KX057-4.

Hire price 0
Hire Kubota KX080-4.

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Hire Takeuchi TB295W.

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Hire Yanmar SV26.

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Hand Tools

Hire Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) scanner.

Hydraulic & Electric Grabs

Hire JCB HM026T hydraulic breaker.
Hire JCB Kerbmaster.

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Hire Kinshofer KM331 block grab.

The robust brick stack grapple KM 331 handles palletized and non-palletized materials up to 2000 kg / 4400 lbs. It features a fixed plunge depth with pivot, synchronized clamping arms - hydraulically operated. The overall height is reduced due to lower rotator position. The compression rails are equipped with durable and replaceable rubber inserts.

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Hire Trojan SB-102  hydraulic breaker.


Hire Bucket, Loadall compact 5` x 3`.
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