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Architectural Lighting

Hire 400w HQI Lamp Blue.

400w HQI LAMP Blue 240v 10000Hr Various K Cap/Base: GES 40mm 240v 10000Hr Various K

Hire price from : £3.00
Hire 400w HQI Lamp Green.

400w HQI LAMP Green 240v 10000Hr Various K Cap/Base: GES 40mm

Hire price from : £3.00
Hire 400w HQI Lamp Magenta.

400w HQI LAMP Magenta 240v 10000Hr Various K Cap/Base: GES 40mm

Hire price from : £3.00
Hire 400w SON Lamp Orange.

Hire price from : £3.00

Film / TV Lighting

Hire Showtec Performer 1500 Barndoor.

The Showtec Barndoor for Performer 1500 Fresnel is a black, eight leaves barndoor enabling you to control the output of a Performer 1500 Fresnel fixture, including the Q6, Tungsten and Daylight. Its decent construction is designed to survive the rigors of frequent touring. The Barndoor for Performer 1500 Fresnel has eight leaves, making it easy to shape the output, cutting down spill and creating the effect you need. Eight leaves barndoor Suitable for Performer Fresnel 1500 fixtures Black Decent metal construction

Hire price from : £3.90
Hire Showtec Performer 1500 Gel Frame.


Hire price from : £0.50
Hire Showtec Performer 1500 LED Fresnel Tungsten 2700K - 4500K.

The Showtec Performer 1500 Fresnel Tungsten is a 100 watt Warm White LED Spot with high CRI and silent operations, suitable for theatrical applications. It projects a bright, soft field of light within a wide 10°-50° manually adjustable zoom range. The 0-100 % dimmer function and 8 step CCT 2700 K-4500 K Color Engine of the Performer 1500 Fresnel Tungsten are DMX controllable. A barndoor is optional for manually shaping the output of your Performer 1500 Fresnel.

Hire price from : £39.00

Generic Lighting

Hire 400w HQI Flood Light c/w 240v 16 Amp Plug.

400w HQI Flood Light c/w 240v 16 Amp Plug symmetrical Lamp Colours: Daylight, White, Blue, Green, Magenta, Orange

Hire price from : £12.50

LED Lighting

Hire Event Spot DTW Lens 10°.
Hire Event Spot DTW Lens 45°.
Hire Event Spot DTW Lens ring.
Hire Infinity Filter Frame for Infinity Zoom Lens.

Filter Frame for the TLT-1535 and TLT-2550 zoomlens of the TS-300 Profile Engine and the TS-260C7 Profile Engine

Hire price from : £1.00
Hire Infinity TS-300 Profile Engine 5200K.

Infinity Signature Series, Spirit of Robert Juliat Visit the dedicated product page for additional info: The new standard for Theatre illumination, the Infinity Signature series. The tools you have always wanted to create beautiful, energy efficient lighting for your theatre, church, studio or school. These luminaires utilise the latest LED technology with European software while having operational and lens options familiar to any entertainment technician. To create this new range of theatre lights, we have found an excellent partner in Robert Juliat

Hire price from : £95.00
Hire Infinity Zoom Lens for Infinity Profile 25-50 degree.

TLT-1230 Zoom Lens for the TS-300 Profile Engine and the TS-260C7 Profile Engine. Available zoom lenses: 25°–50°.

Hire price from : £15.00
Hire Pulse Tube Lithium.

The Pulse Tube Lithium is a colour changing LED effect that can be mounted vertically, horizontally or free standing with the included easy fit feet. The rechargeable lithium battery offers a run time of up to 12 hours from a single charge, and with no power cables to connect you are free to set up the unit wherever you want. The tube will operate in chase, fade, static and sound active modes and is supplied with a handy IR remote.

Hire price from : £6.00
Hire Showtec ACT Fresnel 50 WW.

The Showtec ACT series offers a range of compact entrylevel luminaires with high CRI levels. Due to their size and output they are very well equipped for small theatres, galleries, exhibitions, school cafeterias and events. The ACT series consists of a 20WW and 50WW Fresnel version, a 60 RGBW PC unit, a 50WW Profile spot and an Flood 80 RGBW. The ACT-units are virtually plug-and-play and based on the model, come complete with barndoor, filterframe, goboholder, gobos and lens. The Showtec ACT Fresnel 50WW is a compact entry-level theatre fixture. It offers great optics and a high CRI level of 98. The LED source is a 50W Warm white module. The Act Fresnel 50WW comes complete with barndoor and filterframe. This unit is very well suited for small theatres, school cafetarias or community centres.

Hire price from : £18.50
Hire Showtec ACT PC 60 RGBW.

The Showtec ACT PC 60 RGBW is a 60 watt RGBW LED ellipsoidal with high CRI, suitable for theatrical applications. It projects a hard-edge, precisely focused light within a 3.7°–31.5° motorised zoom range. The ACT PC 60 RGBW features a Manual and DMX controllable 0–100 % dimmer, allowing you to add the proper intensity of light where needed.

Hire price from : £19.00
Hire Showtec Helix S5000 Q4 10º.

The Showtec Helix S5000 Q4 is a bright 40x 10 watt RGBW LED Wash with IP65 rating, suitable for outdoor applications. Its 10° beam angle can be widened to a 20°, 40°, 15° x 60° and 90° beam angle by using a dedicated beam shaper. The Helix S5000 Q4 LEDs can be devided into 5 separate sections for creating stunning effects. The Wash can be manually flipped 180° and can be controlled via W-DMX (wireless), DMX and Master/Slave in Manual and Auto-run mode with many built-in programs. The Helix S5000 Q4 comes with a powerCONTrue 1 cable, mounting panel, rubber feet and Quick-Lock bracket.

Hire price from : £70.00

Lighting Accessories

Hire Transcension N4 ArtNet Node.

Multi-purpose, four universe DMX processor featuring three modes of operation: Art-Net™ to DMX node, four universe DMX to Art-Net™ processor or DMX splitter/buffer.

Hire price from : £30.00


Hire Soundcraft compact stagebox.

The Compact Stagebox is an extension to the range of Soundcraft digital live sound consoles, and adds a low-cost expansion option to the Soundcraft Vi Series, Soundcraft Si Series, Soundcraft Vi1™ and Soundcraft® SI Compact. The Soundcraft Compact Stagebox offers a high density of I/O connections in only 4U of rack space. The modular unit is fully configurable but is offered with a standard configuration of 32 mic/line inputs, 8 line outputs, 8 channels of AES/EBU outputs and 2 expansion slots for standard Studer D21m I/O cards. The D21m is the I/O architecture for Studer as well as Soundcraft digital mixing systems and allows connection to most popular digital formats, including CobraNet®, AVIOM A-Net®16, Ethersound, ADAT and RockNet. A MADI recording interface can also be fitted to the expansion slots. It is possible to equip the Compact Stagebox with an additional 16 mic/line input XLR module instead of the output module, providing 48 inputs. In this case, analogue or AES outputs could sill be obtained on D-Type connectors via D21m cards fitted to the expansion slots. As well as the flexibility of the D21m option card interface, the Compact Stagebox also uses the same Mic/line I/O modules as found in the Soundcraft Vi1 console, and as a result it is possible to move or share modules between console and stagebox, should a different configuration of I/O be required on either the Vi1 or the Stagebox. For example, the 8 line out/AES output card from the Stagebox could be fitted to the Vi1 console in place of a 16ch line output card. Alternatively, the mic input modules can be replaced with output modules if large numbers of outputs are required. When fitting cards to the expansion slots it should be noted that the maxium input and output capacity of the CSB is limited by the MADI console link to 64 in/64 out. The Compact Stagebox is connected to the host console using either Cat-5 or Optical-fibre MADI, the same way as the larger 64 Mic/line Vi6 Stagebox is hooked up, and shares the same redundant MADI cable capability. Cat5 Version: E947.350000 Optical version: E947351000 The unit comes complete with twin redundant power supplies, thermostatically-controlled fan cooling and full LED status monitoring. An 8ch GPIO interface is also provided. The Compact Stagebox is ideal for existing owners of Vi Series consoles as a cost-effective method of expanding the input capability by expanding to up to 96 mic/line analogue inputs from remote stageboxes, or as a partner for the Vi1 and Si range of consoles providing cost-effective remote I/O capability in conjunction with the optional MADI interface cards available for those consoles.

Hire price from : £140.00
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