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Located in - West Sussex
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T&B Events are a South East based entertainment lighting and sound company at the forefront of live event technology and innovation. We specialise in delivering bespoke quality lighting, Sound and AV for live events and theatrical productions. Whether this be providing complete technical production or a simple dry hire we take pride in always striving to deliver the highest quality customer service.

Hire Stock Inventory

A.V. Cables

Hire NL4 - 2.5M.

Hire price from : £1.50


Hire EV CPS2.6.

Hire price from : £15.00

Architectural Lighting

Hire LEDJ Spectra QX40 Pixel MKII Exterior Fixture.

DJ Equipment

Hire Pioneer CDJ2000NX.

Hire price from : £50.00
Hire Pioneer DJM900NX.

Hire price from : £65.00

Generators & Power


Hire price from : £175.00

Generic Lighting

Hire Chauvet Shocker 2 Blinder.

Hire price from : £12.00
Hire Thomas Par 64 1KW CP62.

Hire price from : £3.00

LED Lighting

Hire Chauvet Colordash Quad 12 Batten.

Hire price from : £12.50

Lighting Cables

Hire 63/3 TRS 16mm - 10M.

Hire price from : £10.00

Lighting Control

Hire Avolites Quartz.

Hire price from : £75.00
Hire Chauvet Net-X.

Hire price from : £30.00
Hire Chauvet RDMX Splitter 8.

Hire price from : £10.00
Hire Prolights SPLITTER4WRK.

Hire price from : £10.00
Hire Zero 88 Beta Pack 4.

Hire price from : £15.00


Hire Audix D6.

Hire price from : £10.00
Hire Shure Beta 98 Head.

Hire price 0


Hire Soundcraft EPM 6 Mixer.

Hire price from : £20.00

Moving / Inteligent Lights

Hire Chauvet Maverick MK1 Spot.

Hire price from : £35.00
Hire Chauvet Maverick MK2 Wash.

Hire price from : £30.00
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