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Hire Meyer Sound M1A Loudspeaker Controller.

Hire price from : £10.00


Hire Gravity Tall boom microphone stand.

Hire price from : £2.00


Hire Alan & Heath Zed 14.

6 mic/line channels are provided on ZED-14 - plenty for mics or DI boxes for a small band, duo or solo performer 4 stereo line inputs - dual inputs, both with gain and 2-band EQ. Just plug in a USB lead to your ZED, select the USB routing on the mixer and the device on your computer and that's it! Quality audio to and from your PC or Mac. Three switches provide different send/return configurations for recording, playback and utilising external FX.

Hire price from : £10.00
Hire Yamaha o1v96 32ch mixing console.

The Yamaha 01v96 mixer has 12 XLR microphone inputs along with two pairs of TRS Stereo channel inputs. It can take an additional 8 channels via the inbuilt Adat interface and a card slot can be fitted with a variety of difference expansion card if required.

Hire price from : £75.00


Hire Cisco SG350X-24P Switch.

Hire price from : £75.00
Hire LInksys LGS124P 24-Port Switch.

Hire price from : £40.00
Hire Unifi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus.

Hire price from : £4.40
Hire Unifi Security Gateway USG-PRO-4.

Hire price from : £4.30

Other Communications

Hire ASL HS1D Single ear intercom headset XLR4F.

Lightweight single ear intercom headset with 4 pin female XLR connection

Hire price from : £4.00
Hire BEYERDYNAMIC DT 290 Double ear headset XLR4F.

Double ear intercom headset with 4 pin female XLR connection

Hire price from : £5.00

Battery for WBPX wireless beltpack, Li-Ion, 1800mAh, rechargeable

Hire price 0

Other IT Equipment

Hire APC Smart-UPS SC 450.

Hire price from : £30.00
Hire Dell Optiplex 7010.

Hire price from : £6.00

Other Sound

Hire Ampetronic C7-1D Induction Loop Driver.
Hire Contacta IL-PL20-2 Portable Induction Loop system.
Hire Mac Mini i7 64Gb / 250GB.

Hire price from : £50.00
Hire Riedel Bolero 6-Key Beltpack.

Hire price from : £26.00


Hire Lexicon PCM91 Reverb processor.

Hire price from : £45.00


Hire UNV Network Video Recorder NVR516-128.

Hire price from : £80.00


Hire Meyer Sound 650R2 2x18" Sub bass loudspeaker.
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