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DJ Equipment

Hire Event Lighting Lite - PAR12X12L.

Hire price from : $15.00


Hire Gentrax GSI-BXBE 2kVA petrol inverter generator.

Super light with generous power output. AC Voltage: 240V 50Hz Max Output: 2kW Rated Output: 1.7kW DC Output: 12V/5.0A AC Outlet: Double DC outlet: Single ‘T’ Type Engine Type: Air-cooled, 4-stroke, OHV

Hire price from : $150.00

Generic Lighting

Hire Selecon Pacific 12/28 Zoom Spot.

Hire price from : $15.00

LED Lighting

Hire Event Lighting - 12x12 LED PixBar.

Hire price from : $45.00
Hire Event Lighting - 12x3 LED Pix Bar.

12 pixel RGB LED bar batten.

Hire price from : $20.00
Hire Event Lighting - IP65 9x15 RGBW Par Can.

IP65 Light Source: 9x 15 W RGBW LEDs Beam Angle: 25° Output: 22,500 lux on @ 2 m RGBW full on PWM: 20,000 Hz LED Life: 50,000 hours

Hire price from : $40.00
Hire Event Lighting - Outdoor Battery PixBar 6x12.

IP65 Light Source: 6x 12W RGBWAU LEDs Beam Angle: 40° LED Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Hire price from : $20.00
Hire Event Lighting - PAN4X1X30 RGB Pixel Wash.
Hire Event Lighting - PAR5X12 hex Pro Par.

Hire price from : $25.00
Hire Event Lighting LED Warm/Cool White Blinder.

Event Lighting LED Warm/Cool White Blinder

Hire price from : $20.00
Hire Nitec - Pharos LED Profile.

Shutters, Gobo, Zoom

Hire price from : $12.00

Lighting Accessories

Hire 3RU Case - Front and Back access panel - No Wheels.
Hire Case: Cable Packer on Wheels (High).
Hire Case: Wheeled case for 8 PAR5X12 with BD.
Hire Case: Wheeled MH300W - Single.
Hire Event Lighting - LED PIXBAR Feet.

Feet and fastener to suit PIXBAR products for floor mounting.

Hire price 0
Hire Event Lighting - PAR5X12 Barndoor and Gel Frame.
Hire Event Lighting LM75 Case (4 Units).

Case for 4 units of LM75.

Hire price 0

Lighting Cables

Hire DMX 3 Pin.

Hire price 0
Hire DMX 3 pin (m) - 5 pin (f).
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