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BW Broadcast TX1 10mW - 1W FM Radio Transmitter to rent

BW Broadcast TX1 10mW - 1W FM Radio Transmitter
The BW Broadcast TX1 is a high specification FM broadcast transmitter. Its broadband “no-tune” design allows 87.5-108 MHz operation from internal direct reading rotary switches or the front panel LCD frequency control system if enabled. Digital PWM techniques provide an easily adjustable and accurate automatic level controlled R.F. output. RF, audio and other parameters are shown on the LCD graphics display. This display offers a very easy method of transmitter parameter monitoring and a new level of ease for setup and installation, with metering accuracy normally only found on expensive test equipment. Local and remote personal computer control and metering are achievable via RS232 interface and there's an alarm I/O as well. The FM modulator section employs a dual speed “virtual VFO” system for extremely low audio distortion and excellent stereo performance. A built in high specification stereo encoder provides crystal clear stereo sound and combined with the internal limiter a fully compliant “plug and play” all in one low power broadcast transmitter.
For future compatibility all settings are switchable with on board jumpers. The stereo and/or limiter settings can be switched in and out to suit the requirements of any external broadcast equipment you may have now and in the future.
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Hire price from : £90.00
Located in - Devon